Child and Newborn Photography

Children do not sit still. That is why photographing children is a whole different ball game! How does one capture your child’s emotions and still create a beautiful, razor-sharp photograph? Just leave it to me! It takes a little time and patience and a bit of tact, but I always succeed in capturing your child on film.

Expectancy Photography

You can’t wait for your little one to arrive and you would like to have elegant photos taken of you and your beautiful, pregnant belly. Let me help you! Later in life, you can show your little one where he/she once lived. This moment will be handled tactfully and with discretion.

The Price

€ 149,50 which includes VAT. The best photos will be incorporated into a presentation that will be ready for viewing in the studio within one week after the photo shoot takes place. At this moment you will be able to choose which photos you will want to have printed and I will show you what your options are for making them look even better. You will also be able to view the photos presented by logging in on your own personal webpage.