Informations: Frequently asked questions

What do you do if you become ill? 

We know that this is your most important day and we realize that a wedding day can not be repeated. 

Luckily, I do not get sick so often, but if that happens, I will still come, if it is really serious then I always have a large network of good photo and videographers. 

In the end I always take care of the final production, which is certainly not a stumbling  


What equipment do you work with? 

I work with Canon, Hasselblad and Nikon cameras and all kinds of different lenses for the cameras mentioned. I also have a lot of peripherals such as lights, sliders, tripods all other equipment which is actually too much to mention. Besides, it is not always the case that you are a good photographer, as an expensive camera. It is and remains a tool for the professional. 

Equipment is a tool for me. 

It does not matter what brand you use. If it is reliable in the field. 

What distinguishes you from other (loyal) photographers? 

The advantage for you is that I offer certainty, as I am a qualified photographer, with a broad knowledge of more than 10 years. Consumers themselves are convinced that an amateur is better than a licensed photographer. If that were the case, I would not have studied. It is still a profession, despite the fact that the cameras are getting better! The camera does not take the picture, but the man behind the camera. 

In addition, I have been working on a photofinishing lab for 10 years at a professional laboratory and can optimally correct the photos for correct color and density! 

A second advantage is that the photos are printed by myself in-house to give 100% guarantee on top quality. In very large formats and special photo paper, I use the professional laboratory. 


How do you deal with other photo and videographers on the day? 

I assume that you have hired a professional videographer. 

A professional videographer works discretely does not stand in the way and can make a nice video with minimal space without getting in the way of guests. 

I have no problems with this and can even give advice on this. There are also good videographers who sometimes shoot with 3 men and take cranes or rails and sliders. Often the wedding is less about spontaneity and more about the video report, so they coordinate a lot themselves. 

In my years as a photographer, I worked with pleasure and without problems with videographers during a wedding. 


I'm not photogenic enough? 

Of course everyone is photogenic. Before a photo shoot or wedding photography I always have an intake interview. 

So we can discuss the details and the photo shoot together. Everyone is just me. Stay yourself and you will see that you get beautiful pictures. For wedding photography I always recommend a pre wedding shoot. That way you know the photographer and how you can pose better. 


Why do you only offer packages with albums for wedding photography? 

Your wedding album, wedding video and wedding rings are the only tangible proof of your great day. This is only possible in an album. Experience shows that DVDs disappear in cabinets and that it takes too much effort to put them back into a DVD player later on. A book looks much nicer and with the quality I deliver your story is much better. 


Where is the photostudio located? 

On the Groenteweg 24 Den Haag I have a photo studio with a mini studio, and at the Westeinde 175 in The Hague, I have a big studio that I share with a fellow photographer. Here I can accommodate no less than 15 to 20 people for eg group photos. 

Can we view the photos taken online? 

In wedding photography you will see the layout of the wedding album online. 

After your correction and approval I will only process the album. 

In studio photography I have a very extensive backorder system, so you can safely view online photos with a password and you can also safely pay online. There are nice products to order, such as phone photo covers, mugs with your own photo and so on.