Wedding photography: Wedding always with album.

Bridal photography always with album. 

Everyone can quickly and easily create an album with their holiday photos with the software of the companies that offer albums for a good price to consumers. These albums have a good price quality ratio and quickly have a wow factor with everyone you show (even though it is often out of respect.) 

There is a great demand from bridal couples to make a wedding album themselves. Many photographers offer this option. 

In recent years I have also looked at the self-made albums of bridal couples. 

I do not offer this option. I always deliver a wedding report with album.  

The main reason for this is that I do my very best to make every photo that I deliver look perfect. 

There are days of work in the post-editing of the photos and then also in the album design. In order to achieve the highest possible quality, I print my photos for the album itself to offer the highest quality. I have compared several suppliers, who also deliver perfect prints for my albums. 

And I have also found the right supplier that delivers the product that I fully support! 

The albums that I have seen made by the brides and grooms, which I have seen, lacked these high quality requirements that I have set for my wedding albums. There was lack of color intensity , depth or the contrast was too high , so the photos that I had given so much time and attention no longer came into their own. 

If a conscious choice is made for the hiring of a professional photographer, that will probably be because you want real good pictures of your special day. 

To the final product that you are going to watch the rest of your life (the album) then then himself to make, that would be quite a waste of money that you are investing in a good photographer.