Wedding photography: Wedding photography in Netherlands


Bridal Coverage 

Everything has to be perfect - the dress, the rings, and of course, the wedding photography has to be stunning so that you can relive this beautiful day all over again. 

Prior to doing your bridal coverage, I take the time to get to know the bridal couple and discuss their wishes. In order to be able to thoroughly cover each wedding with special care and attention, I choose to do only a limited number of assignments per year. This way, the photography and post-editing of your photographs is never rushed and never just a routine job. 

I prefer the personal approach. Developing a click and a sense of trust with the photographer is essential in wedding photography. As a professional, I am flexible to your needs and try to create a relaxed atmosphere so that you can enjoy every moment. During the proceedings I will be subtly blend into the background, constantly vigilant in finding the best angles to capture the two of you, every detail of this event and all the smiling faces in attendance. 


The price of photographing your wedding can be customized to your needs. Generally speaking, bridal coverage starts at €1595 which includes 8 hours of coverage, receiving all the files on a USB stick and a basic photo album of 30 x 30 cm. The options to expand on this photo album and in printing your photographs are limitless. A pre-wedding shoot will last no longer than 2 hours and costs € 295 which includes VAT, travel costs and a beautiful reception book. 

Would you like to discuss your ideas and discover what the possibilities are and what I can offer you? Feel free to come by for a free consultation without any obligation whatsoever. Let’s discuss your wedding day over a nice, fresh cup of coffee!