Do you want to lose weight for your wedding?

The time has come … you are getting married.
You want to lose the pounds and fat rolls a bit.
And what now?
Losing weight before the wedding is not the most important thing, but we understand that you want to look good on your wedding day.
One bride sports a lot and the other bride will follow a diet program.
I often experience that during the booking that I hear the bride say, well I have to work on my figure, while I see that I have a wonderful couple who are getting married.
It may seem like a trend that people think about getting married, as long as I don’t get back, because the wedding dress won’t fit.
If you have always been on the plump side and suddenly want to have a pal 36 in a few months, then that is not really realistic. Set a goal that is achievable in the time you have.
Maybe you still have to buy a wedding dress, no disaster can usually be adjusted.
Is it really necessary to lose weight? Your expectant will want to marry you the way you are, and often a wedding dress that is specially made for your body will look good anyway!

An Israeli study also revealed something very interesting for us women: chocolate at breakfast can make you lose more weight! Two groups were monitored in the study. One of the groups receives a piece of chocolate cake at breakfast, the other group a protein-rich diet. The number of calories was the same for both groups during the rest of the day. After 16 weeks both groups had lost the same amount, but the chocolate group then continued to lose weight where the protein group arrived again. Now don’t eat whole chocolate cakes in the mornings, because if something seems too good to be true then it usually is.
If I were to lose weight, I would eat healthily and exercise and not follow diet programs, but that is my opinion. With exercise and responsible food you stay in shape!
For me it applies that every bride or groom is unique and every couple is unique.
It doesn’t matter if you are fat or small or petite. More importantly, you are happy. I have had several couples in front of my lens and always enjoyed the nice couples during my work as a wedding photographer.
And if you still want to lose weight, there are many tips on the internet.

A somewhat sturdy bride that shines in her beautiful wedding gown is more beautiful than a bride who is not feeling well because she had to lose weight too quickly.