The most beautiful wedding photos,

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The most beautiful wedding photos

Henry Badeloe is a photographer with an eye for detail. Henry works throughout the Netherlands, but also beyond. He captures your best moments full of enthusiasm and craftsmanship. Moreover, with his passion and creativity he is (invisible) present at the crucial moments.

The perfect business photo

The perfect business photo As an entrepreneur you pay a lot of attention to the image of your company. Your business card, your logo, your letterhead: everything is in order. But what about photography? Do you use stock photos or do you dare to show who you are? Make an appointment and visit Henry Badeloe’s photo studio in The Hague or invite him to your location.

Farewell/funeral photography

With love we look back on important moments in our lives. Luckily you have the photos and videos. Why not look back with love on a precious goodbye? Henry Badeloe has followed the Funeral Care training and knows all the important moments surrounding the farewell like no other. Henry takes care of one meaningful, unique story.

Looking for a photographer with a passion for his profession?

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