Terms and Conditions Video Report

1. Parties

The parties referred to in these general terms and conditions are described as; customer (the customer or customers of the deliveries and services of (Henrysphotodesign).

2. Obligations of Henrys photodesign

Henry’s Photodesign undertakes to comply with all agreements made as agreed, which is drawn up in duplicate and signed or digitally approved by both parties.

3. Obligations of the customer

The customer undertakes to comply with all agreements made as agreed, and declares to have taken cognizance of all completed fields, has checked these for accuracy and has signed and / or digitally agreed.

4. The Quote Henrysphotodesign

The Offer Henrysphotodesign has offered you a quote. No rights can be derived from this offer.

5. Deposit

Henrysphotodesign requires the customer to make a deposit of 50% of the total price of the assignment. This deposit must be paid within two weeks of agreement. If after this date the deposit has not yet been made, the binding Order can be declared dissolved and the customer can in no way derive more rights from the agreement with Henrysphotodesign.

6. Payment

Before delivery of the order, the customer must pay the remaining amount to Henrysphotodesign.

7. Backorders

Re-ordering of visual material is possible after delivery of the assignment at Henrysphotodesign.

8. Appointments after signing the assignment

Should the customer have any further wishes after signing the order, they will all be put on paper / email by Henrysphotodesign and sent to the customer.

9. Cancel the assignment

The customer can cancel the order up to 1 month before the date and terminate the current agreement, except that the customer is never entitled to a refund of the deposit. All rights expire after canceling the assignment.

10. Henrysphotodesign retains the rights to the image materials at all times and may use them for advertising purposes.

11. The wedding location

The customer is at all times responsible for finding a suitable location to make a report (Henrysphotodesign) advises

to record an inside and outside location). Naturally (Henrysphotodesign) will come up with proposals.

12. Spout

The start time and end time have been agreed with the customer, if there is a delay, a surcharge of € 100 per person will be charged

By signing or digitally agreeing you indicate that you are familiar with the general conditions as described above.

13. Levertijd

Delivery time The delivery time is within 10 weeks, provided that the required information / files are submitted on time.

14. Video report

The film is delivered digitally on a USB stick. A full and a mounted version is supplied, unless the film is shorter than 90 minutes. If a mistake is made during assembly, it can be reported within two weeks to change it. No rights can be derived after two weeks.