Why a white wedding dress?

When you think of a wedding dress you quickly think of a white, long dress. But why white anyway?
Only after 1920 is the white wedding dress in fashion. Before that, many brides married in black and the richer brides often in bright colors.
The wedding dress does not come into view until the year 1500. There are several stories about why the wedding dress should be white.

Nowadays we think the color white stands for the bride’s immaculate, or virgin. That’s why women who used to marry for the second time were not allowed to wear white again.

The white of the wedding dress symbolizes the purity of the bride. Purity was later interpreted as virginity. But times have changed and the idea behind the color of the dress is no longer literally tasks.
Yet most brides still marry in white. In some heavily believing communities, purity means being completely free from sins. That is why there is not often married in white within these circles.

In China, white is the color of mourning, so Chinese women almost never wear a white dress at their wedding. Their preference is for red dresses with golden accents. I personally like a red wedding dress.

At Hindu weddings, the bride traditionally marries in red and the groom in yellow. Red is the color of Devi, the feminine revelation of the Divine, while yellow is the color of Vishnu, the sustainer of the world.
Red and yellow are also the colors of love, prosperity and dedication.
They symbolize happiness, life, energy and creativity.

For this reason, the bride and groom traditionally wear these colors.
However, this is not mandatory. From the writings there are no dress codes for the bridal couple.
But nowadays people choose what they want to wear. Wedding industry is so diverse.
I have recorded their wedding for a number of bridal couples who have not opted for a white wedding dress.