Why get married on location?

Congratulations! You are getting married. What could be better than to celebrate all your festivities at 1 location instead of spread over multiple locations? We are increasingly seeing this trend in the marriage country. But why actually? In this blog we list the benefits of getting married at one and the same wedding location.

Traditionally it is very common … Getting married in the church or in the town hall, moving together for the reception and sometimes somewhere else for the festive evening. Weddings spread over multiple locations in one day are still in the majority, but this trend is increasingly broken. And that is not for nothing, because a wedding at 1 location is really great! Why?

  1. No stress with preparations from multiple locations

Keeping your wedding in the same location will undoubtedly greatly facilitate your work. No stress to get everyone to the next location on time, no running around for all preparations, no repeat visits everywhere, a simpler schedule and a better overview. Do we still have to continue? A wedding at 1 location is especially very easy!

  1. All guests are on time with everything

Another big advantage if you stay at one and the same location: everyone only has to come to the wedding location once instead of moving six times. The advantage is that everyone, once at their destination, will be ahead of everything on time. The same naturally also applies to caterers, wedding carriers, witnesses and ring deliverers.

  1. You always have the same good atmosphere

I love it. Give each other the yes in the garden in front of the 17th century castle, raise the glass in the stately stables and close the party in the tower room of the castle itself. The nice thing about such a day is that the atmosphere remains the same at the same location. This is not interrupted because you have to move to another location for the party night. Moreover, everyone experiences everything together, without having to drive each individual car, so the atmosphere is guaranteed!

  1. You can flexibly deal with spouts

Getting married at the same location often makes you as a bridal couple just that little bit more flexible. Suppose the reception ends, there is no man overboard if you then also hold the party evening there. And does it start to look very threatening during the ceremony? Then a trip inside is usually made quickly and easily. There are no other bridal couples waiting.

  1. The entire wedding feels very complete

Large wedding locations where all festivities can take place, often have years of experience, inside information and a professional network of partners. For example, the wedding location owners often know exactly which caterer fits best with which wedding couple, which cake maker can best translate modern wishes and which florist provides the right corsage. With all these tips you will certainly make your wedding in one location even more complete.

  1. Getting married at 1 location makes the wedding very personal

An hour reception here, an hour drink there and the yes just as quick for that. Yes, it is possible, but often such a fragmented wedding day is not very personal. While if you stay all day at one and the same location, much more will undoubtedly be discussed. In this way individual wishes and requirements can be met much better, making the wedding at one and the same location much more customized and more personal.

  1. Getting married at 1 location is often cheaper

Getting married at one and the same location has the advantage that it is cheaper in many cases. After all, you rent the same location for a longer period, which also gives the landlord an advantage. Moreover, you do not have to spend several times on extra decoration or transportation to get there. In the end, getting married at one location is almost always cheaper!